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The flagship portal “Small Enterprise” was launched in July 2010, in recognition of the significant contribution made by MSMEs to India’s industrial and economic development. It is estimated that MSMEs account for almost 89% of industrial units in India and 42% of value addition in the manufacturing sector. They contribute 37% to India’s merchandise exports., the one-point reference repository provides a platform that enhances the visibility of these integral players in India’s economic growth story. Small Enterprise India portal preserves the lineage of providing information and knowledge that facilitate informed business decisions.


After two years of managing the online portal, the print edition was first published in December 2012. Completing its 8th year in publishing, Small Enterprise is a leading monthly magazine for SMEs and Startups.

Small Enterprise Magazine endeavors to inspire and provide practical knowledge to MSME entrepreneurs as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. We cover topics across Technology, Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Sales and other areas in which entrepreneurs wish to improve themselves.

The MSME community has always remained under-served when it comes to exposure and learning opportunities.  Aspire Media is the leading media company addressing their needs by delivering original content in a quality publication.

Small Enterprise Magazine is now a leading publication for SMEs. It’s circulated to MSMEs through Print and Digital edition. The Digital version of the magazine is available at and JioMags platform to download on your Android or iOS devices.

As part of the Aspire Business Club membership, Small Enterprise India offers one year FREE subscription to the Digital Edition of Small Enterprise India Magazine.